Review for *Auditions*


(#) thatjerokid 2011-10-18


Name: Jeremy

Age: 19 (change at your own will)

Looks: 6'0 tall, 116lbs, long dark brown hair that falls to just above my elbows, left lip piercing, anchor tattoo on left ribcage, metal band shirts, skinny jeans with high top batman converse.

Gender: Male

Personality: Usually reserved upon first meeting someone but I very quickly become loud, incredibly musical (I play guitar, bass, drums, piano and keyboard), smarter than most people think.

Favorite person from the band: Ray

(If creature type thingy)say how you would scare someone : Project their very own worst nightmare into what they perceive to be happening in front of them and drag it out for as long as possible before extinguishing them in a coffin crafted from ice and burying them. (I promise im not really that evil hahaha)