Review for Just something that made me chuckle :')

Just something that made me chuckle :')

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-10-20

I was at school reading this and as soon as it got to 'meese' I laughed my head off- I was rolling on the floor laughing and my teacher walked over and was all like "What are you doing Mia?!! Get off the floor this instant!". My friend who's also into MCR smirks and goes "Way to go Tanner." (my middle name's tanner), and then she looked at the computer screen and started laughing too. You see, we had been arguing about the plural thing for days, and earlier my friend said "Wouldn't it be weird if someone's last name was meese?", and I went "Yeah, when I get pregnant with Ray's babies." . . . So now I'm wondering if I'm gonna have a fro baby soon. Haha :)