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We will remember them

(#) Ash_Lee14 2011-10-22

'they shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old, Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them' (yes i do know that by heart :'( )

i went to Ypres at the start of the summer, the shear numbers that were lost in WW1 and WW2 is devastating, my whole family has been involved with the armed forces some how, from me being involved with the Royal British Legion to My 'brother' (hes not actually my brother, but i tell everyone he is as he is like the older brother i never had) is in the Army, he is set to go back out it Afganistan soon, he said a very intresting thing to me for my history project, he told me that the people whining about the government not bringing out troups home are dumb (he used a much stronger word..) if they wernt out there, we would have a war going on on home turf, started by people like the IRA and such as they are funded if you like by the drugs that they grow in the middle east, its not all about oil like i used to think.
I cried reading this, i really did, with out the second world war, with out our men (and women) fighting we would not be speaking English right now.

People don't understand, im glad i found someone else my age (im also 14!! :D) who does

i love all of your work if im honest, i do go on abit.... i apologise :D

xoxo Ashlee

Author's response

Thanks for reading, I`m glad you liked it, I didn`t mean to make you cry. I cried writing this if I`m being honest. I wrote it ages ago, but I saw some mistakes and had to fix them.
I wish him luck when he goes back, hope he stays safe and everything. Lots of my family/friends have been involved in some way too. My cousin`s boyfriend lost his best friend out in Afganistan, he died in his arms. He is due to go back out there soon as well, I am scared for him. He is like a brother to me (I`m an only child) and I can`t imagine him not being around.
War is such a terrible thing, and those amazing, brave men and women deserve to be remembered and respected. I am disgusted by the lack of interest that many of people in my old school have, they simply do not care that people have died and are still being killed so that we can live and be safe.
Sorry for going on and on, history is one of my most favourite subject, along with law, and I do tend to go on about it a lot.
Thanks for reading this and my other stories, glad you like them.