Review for Having Both is a Blessing

Having Both is a Blessing

(#) tmlevin 2006-10-15

Sorry for no reviews, found your first story and have been reading straight thought. That alone should tell you how much I'm enjoying the story.

Author's response

That's alright, my darling.
I was born grumpy and have perfected my "attitude
" into an art form. HA!HA!
PLUS, I hadn't had my morning coffee when I posted that last comment.
Will probably edit it out of there when I post the next chapter)
MAENWHILE; thanks for giving my little missives a chance to liven up your literary/fan fic/things I've read and liked collection...translation from coffee induced typing frenzy...THANKS FOR READING AND GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT SO FAR!!!!!!
Am typing the next out for Dementors...and Harry & Draco taking a big risk.
(translation - thumbing their noses at old Baldie Voldie)
It's getting near the end - I figure another 8 or 10 chapters should put us in the thick of the final battle.
Stay at 11!