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(#) RyanCyanideKiller 2011-10-23

Write whatever you will feel interested in :) Btw I love you username :D

Name: Ryan Johnston
Age: 18
Personality: I can come off as an asshole, but I'm really nice once people get to know me. I'm the stereotypical flamboyant gay male... Minus the voice. Ermmm, I will die protecting the people I love. I have a bit of a temper.
Style: pretty much anything and everything
Favorite bands: MCR, Panic, Anberlin, The Letter Black, Muse, Journey, Quiet Riot, Rush, etc
Fears: Losing loved ones, spicy food, getting sick
If u were a monster what would you be: Probably a weredog (werewolf but a dog instead of a wolf)

I also auditioned my twin :D

Name: Leslie Johnston
Age: Same as Ryan
Personality: Very, very, very shy and quiet, withdrawn, doesn't really open up. Takes him a while to warm up to people, but once he does he's very loyal.
Style: More of the darker side of things
Favorite bands: Same as Ryan
Fears: Spiders, drowning, burning, clowns, driving
If u were a monster what would you be: Same as Ryan

Author's response

Haha thanks :) that's like my username for everything