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(#) mikeywayily 2011-10-23

Name; onyx rose

Age; 17 or whatever you need

Personality; dark, pervert, cusses like a trucker, shy as hell until i get to know you, flirty, funn as fuck, random, likes to sleep with people (not like sex like sharing a bed, takes her pants off in public and shows people her underwear
Style; bright colors lots of dark eye liner and bright eye shadow, kinda scene with emo sprinkled in, has c cup boobs (just covering all the bases)has short black choppy hair with alot of fringe and has electric blue streaks in the fringe, likes to wear outrageous clothes, and likes high heels and converse and her fave shoes are stiletto converse that are purple and black

Favorite bands; MCR, panic, quiet riot, paramore, black veil brides, DRUGS, greenday

Fears; the dark, thunderstorms, being alone, needles

If u were a monster what would you be; vampire