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(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-25

I shall try and make you feel welcome. Just a warning I have quite liberal views and quite strong in them so i'm sorry if i offend you with those views. Oh and i have a obsession with The Godfather at the moment it's a fucking amazing film!!

Name: Frankie Corleone (Frankie is short for Francesca but only call her that if you want your head ripped off and i chose Corleone as her last name cause i fucking LOVE the godfather)

Age: 19 (can change)

Personality: Her family is in the Italian Mafia so has grown up with drugs and violence, smoked since the age of 7, does several drugs, hates being told what to do, her parents got murdered when she was 6 her brother became the don, when he was 14 he raised her and he got killed by a traitor when she was 9,s he then became the don and has been every since, likes to tell stories of how she's killed people in extreme detail to injurys and wounds, very VERY tough, very intelligent, hates betrayers, a good friend, over protective, very close to her family and if you insult them she'll impale you with a red hot poker

Style: Either her favourite slytherin t shirt or a black godfather t shirt, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black leather jacket, black and silver studded belt, keeps about 17 loaded pistols with her at all times, hides several knives in her boots, wears a black necklace with 2 crucifixes and a skull, wears gothic jewelry

Favorite bands: MCR (obviously), BVB and good charlotte (those are my favourite i obviously like many others but if i did list all the bands i like i would be here a while)

Fears: Doesn't like to admit it but has a massive fear of spiders

If u were a monster what would you be: A Demon

Good luck
can't wait
Hope i get picked
Sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

Rosie :)