Review for The Fire Burns Red

The Fire Burns Red

(#) RainPaw 2006-10-15

This story almost sounds like mind, with them dieing and all,
I know a lot of stories are based on them defeating Cornus and some of them dieing,
but something about this story reminded me of my own,
or maybe not maybe I'm just being werid like always. Sad, very sad but very good,
the writing style reminds me of my friend,
Ok that was random,
The saddest stories are often the best, and it shows in this story,
I don't think you should add to it, it's fine as it is and it wouldn't have the same emotionel value if it was continued. Keep writing I love your stories.

Author's response

oops, sorry if it sounds like yours, but honestly, I didn't think of anyone else's story while I was writting it... thanks for the review, glad you like my stories! That means alot hugs You're right about the emotional value thing... hm, not sure if I'll continue it then.. we'll see. Well, thanks again!!!