Review for AUDITIONS!!


(#) DeathDefying 2011-10-30

Name: August Campanelli

Age: whatever you want

Part: friend \m/

Personality: she's sweet and rambles alot when she's nervous or embarassed. She smiles alot and blushes at all the wrong times. Sometimes seems happy when she really isn't. Pretty outgoing to most people, but at the same time can be painfully shy. Easy going, quick witted. Loves making art-she has kind of a grungy style. Good with a pair of scissors and up to date with music. Kind and supportive and likes to make others happy. Straight-edge and a little daring though. Likes being carried and is terrified of growing up. a little scary and likes to scare people. Daring and creative. knows how to have a good time. Laughs easily and smiles with all her teeth. A headbanger, food-lover, sleeper, and definetly has her days where all she does is crash. She stares at the fridge for hours without finding anything to eat. Likes to watch t.v. She's bright and bubbly and can make friends with anybody. Stands up for herself and her friends. She's the one that gets them into bad situations because she's a big talker. energetic and can be feisty.

Style: wears alot of bracelets and earrings, ripped up jeans, shorts with tights, oversized tops, band shirts, toms, docs, hightops, punk jackets, cardigans, beanies, chains, studs, stockings, alot of skeleton themed sweaters and tops like:
and vintage patterns, black dresses, and gloves

Looks: Has pale skin and blue eyes with smoky makeup and long think lashes. usually wears black lipstick. has lavender hair, like: &

Likes: Gummy Bears, Candy in general, bike rides, photography, painting, designing clothes, nature, Warped Tour, classic punk music (ie misfits, social distortion, alkaline trio, alice in chains, anti flag, nirvana, flogging molly) Mickey Mouse, Theme Parks, Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Exorcist, Urban Outfitters, her guitar, baby seals, food, more food, roadtrips, cold days, jewelry, old bookshops, coffee, making people smile, fishing, sleeping, hugs, food in general, carnivals, and white roses

Dislikes: silence, books, getting paper cuts, when she's bored enough to bounce in her seat, shopping malls, being tickled, burns, shit talkers, annoying adults, sunlight, and getting made fun of.

Name: Colby Riley

Age: whatevss

Part: friend \m/

Style: punk-ish, casual, fashionable i guess. he wears alot of skinny jeans (not skin tight) in black, grey or denim. plaid shirts in all different colors that he leaves un buttoned and ashirt underneath. studded belts. plain white tee-shirts, band shirts (punk-misfits, black flag, etc) beanies, converse, vans, doc martens. tank tops. no shorts, ever. wears cuffs and fingerless gloves. has his upper left arm covered in tattoos.

Looks: tall-about 5'11 with a pretty athletic body. he has fair skin, dimples and big green eyes. chocolate brown, choppy hair that always falls into his eyes. has a defined jaw line and a permanent smirk. has 5/16 gauges. when he laughs, he smiles with all his teeth, but other than that he usually has a smirk. handsome, but not confident or cocky.

Personality:confident in himself and his friends-but not a cocky jack-ass. kind to his friends. very loyal and honest, and doesn't take shit. very sarcastic and humorous. he's very laid back. not shy, but not very outgoing. he's a guitar tech for many tours. he's an artist-he loves to draw people, design tattoos, whatever the hell it is, he'll do it. brave, strong, corageous. doesn't like to show fear or pain. likes to be someone to talk to. will fight for his friends. stands by people. monster addict. ex smoker. poker-master. grafitti lover. guitar hero addict. dog lover. romantic. horror movie junkie. not easily hurt and doesn't like to hurt others. can and will beat the shit out of people if you piss him off enough.

Likes - graffiting things, drawing, drinking monster, making people smile, winning, ghost shows, haunted places, music obviously, hanging out, pizza and sushi, jaws, comics, reading, night time, parties, making a mess, take-out, making people happy, rollercoasters, las vegas, concerts, meeting new people, pranking people, and coca-cola.

Dislikes - all the isms, failing, people touching his stuff, getting made fun of, people giving alot of shit, assholes, jack ass sleazy rockstars, groupies, fangirls (they annoy the hell outta him) overly nice people, annoying things, flies,ants, seeing his friends hurt.

Author's response

WOW THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! I'm gunna use both of them. Probably as both