Review for Auditions, and apology!

Auditions, and apology!

(#) InfamousWayDown 2011-11-01

Can I be in love this this kid? lol.

Name: (boy) Ever Dawns

Age: anything

Looks (including height): Short. Like, shorter than Frankie, short. Pale skin. Ice blue eyes and red hair. Crooked teeth and freckles across his cheekbones and nose. Wears cargo shorts and a flannel button-up. Always. And he has a pair of white converse that he's constantly doodling on in Sharpie. Oh, he has a hello-kitty bookbag.

Personality: Shy. Like, painfully shy. Has a few select people that he will "speak" to. Is really sweet and caring. Looks out for his friends.

Likes: Lucky Charms. Hello-Kitty. Trees.

Dislikes: People who he thinks are loud. Technology. People who judge.

Anything else? He's deaf. :3

...I know ASL (American Sign Language) so, yeah.

Author's response

D'awwww! He sounds adorable!!! Of course!!!