Review for Auditions, and apology!

Auditions, and apology!

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-01

Um I can date anyone if they want to or if you want me to. . . How about a 'forbidden' relationship like a Interne and a Hellbringer? Or If not, could I date this guy I know?
name:(boy) Logan Donner
age: My age or like a year older
looks: Tall, slightly muscular, pale, wears eyeliner, has flippy black shaggy hair with a long fringe, has two lip rings on one side, bright green eyes, wears a Disturbed t-shirt and red ripped skinny jeans, Transformers backpack with a small black Uglydoll bat attached to it,
Personality:He's mute, only texts to friends or mouths words, kinda shy but really outgoing once you get to know him, very romantic and sweet, funny, random at sometimes, somewhat of a rebel, gets very energetic on Mountain Dew
Likes: Bats,looking at the sky, rock/screamo/alternative music, slushies, the color red, horror movies, nighttime
Dislikes: homophobes,cocky people,big cities,pop music
Anything else: LOVES BUNNIES. :3