Review for Personalised Stories!

Personalised Stories!

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-01

Name:Tanner Riley
Age: Frank's age
Looks:short, has emo-like black hair with long fringe, big dark-brown eyes,two lip rings, lightweight,wears a ton of eyeliner, has scar running down side of face and scars on arms and legs
Style:grey ripped skinnies, black converse with neon doodles all over, black lacy fingerless gloves, wears a beany, wears a black t-shirt with gold lettering saying DEMOLITION LOVER
Personality:bouncy,energetic,outgoingacts like a bunny, funny, gets scared or angry easily,very observant
Who do you want to be with: FRANKIEEE!
Story genre/theme: uh romantic drama comedy? RODRAMEDY!!! :D
A basic idea for what you want to happen:I ran away from abusive parents and I see MCR at a gas station and they take me in and I fall in love with Frank but my ex-boyfriend finds me and tries to kidnap me and hurt me, but in the end Frank saves me! :3 cuteness!!
A song to go with the story:The Sharpest Lives
Anything else: I can speak Italian, I don't mind being picked up,
Thanks a bunches!!!