Review for A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

(#) MCRmySoldier6 2011-11-06

Part: Mikey's love interest, pretty pretty please?? offers cookie

Name: Melanie Cholley

Age: Whatever fits! :D

Looks: Black shoulder length hair, if not worn down and straightened, up in a pony tail. Pale skin and cheeks and nose becomes rosy when cold, no freckles. Deep green eyes that sparkle when excited and seem brighter when she cries. Melanie doesn't wear too much makeup, but normally has black eye kohl surrounding her eyes. Has black Ray Ban nerd glasses. Petite figure, with small curves.

Wearing: A gray beanie, hair is in a ponytail, with side bangs curled, and she keeps trying to tuck them behind her ears, a black coat, and a black tshirt underneath, she has on Black skinnies, and her black boots that serve well as snow boots. She also has on black popover gloves.

Favorite Book: Nightmares And Dreamscapes by Stephen King!!

Favorite time of Day: 8:00 p.m.

Anything Else: erm, well, she plays bass, and she seems to always be a few degrees colder than everyone else! Like someone could be nice and toasty, and Melanie would be freezing!

I really hope I get picked!! I'm in a very Christmasy mood right now! xD
xoxo Mel