Review for A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

(#) Sarahkilljoykid 2011-11-06

Part: Bob's fiancee please?

Name: Sarah Johnstone

Age: Whatever fits

Looks:short and skinny, short choppy black and green hair, pale skin, full dark lips, smokey grey-green eyes, bottom lip, nose, ears and hips pierced, a tattoo of a viper wrapping around my upper left arm. described as an extremely delicate looking girl. Ripped skinnies, band tee, black leather jacket, spiked wristbands, sometimes a spiked dog collar. Skate shoes.

What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather)black skinnies, big puffy dark jacket (Which because of my height, I look ridiculous in) skate shoes, spiked dog collar, spiked wrist bands.

Favorite Book: doesn't have a favorite, but absolutely loves horrors.

Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) midnight ;)

Anything Else: major flirt, surprisingly strong for her smallness, did heaps of gymnastics and self defense when I was younger, vegan, Buddhist/Taoist, hyper, loyal, likes to sing and dance, short temper.