Review for A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

(#) Love_it_or_leave_it 2011-11-06

Part: Ray's love interest
Name: Jessalyn Carter
Age: your choice
Looks: black hair with purple streaks, greyish blue eyes, always has red lipstick (signature trait), small amount of eyeliner, 5'9" or whatever you think is appropriate, lip pierced with small stud
Outfit: grey skinnies, black and red plaid connies, any band style tee, Rays hoodie (stolen! :D), dark purple lace fingerless gloves, 'I Believe' tattoo across fingers (like Halloween on Frank), 'Always and Forever' bracelet style tattoo on left arm
Favourite book: anything Matthew Reilly
Favourite time of day: 11pm
Anything else: likes to play piano, very hyperactive, has a 'small' obsession with Batman...
Xoxo Jay