Review for A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

(#) HeartbreakhOtel 2011-11-06

Part: Bob's Fiancee

Name: Lila Russo

Age: 25, feel free to change.

Looks: 5'6, slender frame and pear shaped, tan skin, long wavy black hair with a fringe that parts to the left, usually worn in a one sided braid. Dark brown eyes. Cartilage piercing and bottom ears pierced., an actual tattoo on my right side. And I really do have a panda bear eating bamboo tattooed on my right wrist with the word 'love' in Japanese.

What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather):, with a panda pilot animal hat, they sure cozy :P

Favorite Book: Memoirs Of A Geisha or Stargirl

Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific): 11:11 pm.
Anything Else: A vegeterian.

Japanese food seriously.