Review for A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

(#) Bad_Romance 2011-11-07

Part: Franks love interest please.

Name: Chloe Beaumont.

Age: 21

Looks: Long blonde/grey hair. Side fringe, and lots of layers in it. Full plump lips. Defined cheek bones. Small figure, but curvy.

What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) A white wool jumper, with a pair of light skinny jeans on. Pair of leopard print welly boots. Just a plain white winter coat.

Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird.

Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) 7.00pm at night.

Anything Else: Caring, hyper person. Likes to make people happy.