Review for As Your Nightmare Comes To Life

As Your Nightmare Comes To Life

(#) patdfan01 2011-11-09

Aboslutely love this story! It actually relates to me too. My mother is very over controlling. My dream is to become a writer or an artist just like Dakota, but my mother wants me to become a doctor or a pharmacist. They dont understand my passion for creativity. Hope there is more! And I mean it because i really get attached to stories, sketches, drawings and paintings that relate to me.

Author's response

I`m glad that you like it so much, thanks for reading! I understand where your cominng from, my dad is very controlling and has very high expectations of me and wants me to live up to his "perfect daughter" idea that he has of me. I know that it is because he loves me that he pushes me, but I just wish that he would understand that that just isn`t me.
I`ll update as soon as I can, hopefully no later than the weekend. Thanks again for reading.
xoxoDakota (The characer has my first name, but she is not based on me, I just like the name because of te meaning)