Review for "Be My Detonator."

"Be My Detonator."

(#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2011-11-15

OHMYFUCKINGERARD!! oh wow i sat here reading this laughing my HEAD off and my family officially think i am beyond the realms of sanity :/

" Basically, she sucks and should die and be re-incarnated as mouldy lettuce which I’ll eat in my next life as a snail. Bitch."
" not to mention my brain cells are currently removing his scruffy black skinnies. Perverts." have gotta be my favourite bits xD - YOU UPDATE THIS SOON OR I WILL CONTACT DAVID CAMERON AND TELL HIM TO GET THE MI5 TO TRACK YOU DOWN AND THREATEN YOU WITH...uh...MOOSESHIT UNTIL YOU UPDATE AGAIN!!

lots of love, lina xo

ps PLEASE CAN I STEAL THE WORD COOLBEANS!?!?!?!? ok buhbai now (: