Review for "Be My Detonator."

"Be My Detonator."

(#) MCR_punk 2011-11-15

There’s silence for a moment while Mikey continues to glare disparagingly at me, Frank continues to sip his coffee in a way that I can only describe as orgasmic, and does the most peculiar things to my fucked-up, Frank-deluded, hormonally crazed little brain cells; I’m just trying not to choke on my coffee, fall off my chair, or start mumbling like an incoherent numbskull.

That is my favorite paragraph xD The part where you said that the only way to describe Frank sipping his coffee as orgasmic.... Gah. For some reason, that made literally made me laugh my ass off.

P.S. It's kinda hard to read this while your nosy 9 year nephew keeps peeking over your shoulder. Even if he does like MCR, I don't think he's ready for this epicness xD