Review for You Can't Define Love

You Can't Define Love

(#) aweirdtree 2011-11-18

um... so, how could i put this right...


thank you! you know, i just absolutely fell in love with your writing style, i don't even know why :D it's just something... god, i can't explain it, but just know that i love it (:

i liked this one especially because we had just spoken about "what is love" with my friends :D i came to a conclusion that it's kinda like depression, just the other way around. cause it's clearly not an emotion; emotions come and go, but love is a state of mind. or something...

haha, whatever. this is going to my favourites and thank you still one more time! this made my day even better! :D

Author's response

Thank you sooo much! I'm very glad that you like the way I write, it's very nice of you to say! I wasn't sure if I liked this, but I'm very happy that you did. Your definition sounds pretty good - I think it's the closest I've heard to what love is. Thanks for taking the time to review! :)