Review for Auditions


(#) Gerard_inspires_me 2011-11-18

i'd like to be a killer...

Name: Viktor Malone
age: whatever sounds good to you (i normally do around 20-ish)
Looks: Brown wavy hair, blue eyes and black glasses.
Style: Tshirts and skinnies... lots of skinnies...
How he kills?: totures with lots of mindgames and sex... (with him and other victims)
Personality: he has two: Viktor (the killer) and Todd (the sweet heart) Todd is very hurt by everything that Viktor does to everyone and likes to hangout with the victims and get to know them. is the original personality. He got Viktor when His parents abused him. Vikto is a heartless rapist, when he finds his victims he seems like an awesome guy and dateable. then he gets them into his 'house'

if you need anything else, just email me at:
thank you!!