Review for Gaze Into His Killing Jar

Gaze Into His Killing Jar

(#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2011-11-23

Love it!
I really really want to know which way you choose...
Is he going to free him or fuck him?
I kinda want him to fuck him haha. But then I wonder... is he going to hurt him? Possibly attempt to kill him?
I want to know!
Was scarecrow the guy he got with that left him? Ohhh, I'm sooo curious!

Author's response

No, Scarecrows a fellow 'supposed' serial killer he's been friends with online. Frank makes a bet with him that he won't kill Gerard,and if he wins, Frank gets to watch scarecrow kill his latest victim. But if he loses he has to send pictures of dead Gerard to Scarecrow cause he's a necrophiliac.

Wow this is horrible now that I've summarized it....