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Nuts and bolts

(#) monstrice901 2011-11-24

thank you for updating - I've missed your stories! You are a seriously kick-ass author.

Buuuuutt... this is a really sad chapter. I feel so sorry for them. Frank's being a bit of an arse if you ask me, 'sepcially cos I actually really like Maria. To be honest, I was pleased she got her revenge, even if it was over the top! I mean, he cheated on you, is it really worth killing the guy? Actually, it's because she's so cruel and a backstabber (pun intended) that I like her. I'm just strange like that!

Also, reading your response to TheOnlyLovedOne, I think waycest could be interesting. I'm usually 100% against it, 'cos I find it kinda sick. But it might be ok coming from you... Won't hate cha if it isn't, just won't read it. But please write more frerardy stuff. That shit is amazing.... There really is something wrong with me... >sigh<

ANYWAY - can't wait until the next chapter (do I even need to say that, I mean it's blatantly obvious) and more sex scenes please - the general perverseness of me coming out. Ok, that sounds really weird.

Oh... right two more things. One's kinda a request, which I'd really appreciate if you could carry out (without sounding too posh). For obvious reasons your one of my fave author on this site. If you can be arsed, could you read one of my stories and tell me what you think. You're just such a great writer, it'd be awesome to know your opinion. Second (if you are patient enough to still be reading this!) I was in a really important meeting today, and started thinking 'bout your threesome scene. It was really, incredibly awkward... Just thought I'd share that with you!!!


Author's response

Ahh thank you :D
Haha it's not strange at all to like Maria xD I personally love her too, I think she's quite quirky and one of my favourite original characters of mine :') Plus, havent we all been cheated on once and wished we had the balls to kill the sucker who hurt us? Or is that just me? :L
I don't intent to stop writing frerard ever since I like, feed off it :P I usually stay away from Waycest too since it's usually quite creepy and weird that brothers would do that, but I'm hoping if I approach it in a delicate and different way to usual I might be able to get a whole new spin of Waycest going xD That's the plan at least :') And I wont be offended if you hate it xD
I'll try to add some more sex to this fic before it's completed but I'm not sure how yet, I want the sex to make sense and not thrown in for the sake of it so I'll see what I can do :')
I'll read some of your fics as soon as I have some proper spare time to read them properly ^_^ And I'm thrilled that you got distracted in your meeting, things like that make my day XD