Review for Auditions!!


(#) FrankieXIero 2011-11-25

Role Auditioning For: Roadie/Tech
Name: Nicholas Carter (Nick)
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Wavy/Tousled (Google Image Alex Pettyfer-Hair like his)
Body Type: Medium build. Has lean muscles.
Clothing Style: Nice jeans, leather belt, flannel/plaid shirt and sometimes a hoodie.
Tattoos or Piercing: A small chain tattooed around his right wrist. Lip ring on left side.

Basic Personality Traits: Hard worker, struggles to do his best. Is a little insecure at times which causes him to come off as shy. Trust worthy. Watches from the sidelines, doesn‘t like to interfere. His silent yet relaxing demeanour causes people to confide with him. Good at letting others talk to him and listening, but not at talking to others and getting them to listen to him. (A listener, not a talker) Wants what is best for other people but is too hesitant to actually do anything to help.
Main Goal in Life: To escape from his parents disappointment. (They do not approve of him gallivanting with musicians and would much rather he worked in an office)
View on Panic as Musicians: Enjoys their music and lyrics. Doesn’t have anything wrong with their songs.
View on Panic as People: Thinks they are all good guys. His favourites are Spencer and Ryan.
View of themselves: Sometimes insecure. Feels as though he doesn’t really know what he’s doing with his life. The only thing he is certain about is that he knows what his job is and he knows how to do it well.
Family history: Single child. Father and mother don’t exactly approve of what he is doing. They both have high-standing jobs and are very successful business people(Dad‘s a lawyer, mum‘s the CEO of a company). They are very formal with each other and usually only have contact once or twice a year.
Motivation behind the way they act (ooh this one's tricky, please be as in depth as possible!): He tries to stay outside of the drama and chaos by attempting not to get too close to anyone in the band. Figure’s he has enough of a hectic mess in his head he doesn’t need more in his life. He’s just there to do his job, nothing more. At least that is what he tries to tell himself before he realizes that keeping things on a professional level might be hard.

Who in Panic would they be closest friends with? Spencer
Would they be attracted to anyone in Panic, if so who? Well, if he was gay I would say Spencer or Ryan. But he’s not gay. You can change that if you want though…
Their idea of a fun night out: Is fine with either going out to a club and dancing all night or staying in with pizza and a movie. (Really depends on what mood he is in or who he is with)
The one word they use to describe themselves: Plain/Regular
The one word that is a true description of them: Confused

I don’t know if this audition makes much sense. Got really tired all of a sudden halfway through it and so it probably doesn‘t . Let me know if you have any questions about anything. I will be happy to answer. Even if you don’t use my character I will read your story =)
Good luck with writing.