Review for Auditions!!


(#) Tati 2011-11-26

Role Auditioning For(Please choose 1 or 2): Dance Peformer.
Name: Tatiana Valentino
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Almond shaped dark chocolate brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long length and lots of layers. A fringe that parts to the left with the bangs dyed red.
Body Type: Slender frame, curvy in the hips.
Clothing Style: Edgy and somewhat girly. Likes a variety of colors. Can range from cardigans and jumpers to sweats. Typically wears everything, doesn't have a specific style. Jeans, sneakers, dresses, hoodies, band tees, v necks, shorts, ballet flats, anything.
Tattoos or Piercings: Cartilage pierced and a belly button ring. A cherry blossom tree tattoo on the right side of body.

Basic Personality Traits: Funny, talktative, honest, caring, sassy, intelligent. Opinionated. Creative. Bold.
Main Goal in Life: To make it as a top performer, dance her heart out, make a difference in the industry.
View on Panic as Musicians: Enjoys them because they're not typically the music you hear before. The songs are fun to dance to and the whole concept of their album + the costumes is unique. Also views it a challenge because of the unique dances and certain expressions the dancers have to have.
View on Panic as People: Couldn't imagine more cooler people to work with. They're almost like family and get a long well.
View of themselves: She's her toughest critic.
Family history: Mother Maria, father Victor, and a little teenaged sister Emilee who's a pain in the ass, but she loves her still.
Motivation behind the way they act (ooh this one's tricky, please be as in depth as possible!): In school she was not necessarily bullied, but often targeted with gossip. It wasn't until junior high it began to get her and she lost most of her confidence. It made her afraid to be herself because she was almost terrified of being talked about. She was a people pleaser and didn't handle rejection well. It wasn't until she graduated school she was able to see what the world was really about and the true people who lived in it and that you don't have to live life just because a person wants you to live it a certain way. You have destiny but it'll only take you so far, it's up to you to decide how to carry it on.
Who in Panic would they be closest friends with? Jon
Would they be attracted to anyone in Panic, if so who? Jon
Their idea of a fun night out: bar or club with friends. Socially drinking and eating with friends. Typically just enjoying each others' company, don't have to be wasted off your ass to have a good time.
The one word they use to describe themselves: Expressive.
The one word that is a true description of them: Genuine.