Review for Auditions!!


(#) midnight_star22 2011-11-26

Role Auditioning For(Please choose 1 or 2): Dancer or Ryan's love interest
Name: Lexie Hall
Age: 21
Sex: female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 138 lbs
Eye Color: blue grey to sapphire blue, depending on what she wears
Hair Color: black with purple underneath
Hair Style: usually worn straight and parted on the left side
Body Type: slender but toned and curvy
Clothing Style: skinnies, band tees, and converse
Tattoos or Piercings: nose, lip on left (hoop), and right ear cartilage

Basic Personality Traits: goofy, caring, sweet, funny, and charming
Main Goal in Life: She wants to become a successful dancer and really be a shining star and stand out amongst the rest.
View on Panic as Musicians: She loves their sounds and songs. She thinks that they're all very talented musicians and their music brightens her day.
View on Panic as People: They are some of the best people she has ever met and enjoys working and having fun with them.
View of themselves: She is very modest and doesn't think she is that good of a dancer even though she really is. She strives for perfection though..she gets her routines down to the T.
Family history: She grew up in a normal house where her parents fully supported her in whatever dream she chased. Then they got a divorce and her dad went into a drunken rage and killed her mom so she got a job at 16 and lived with her older brother while still working on her dancing.
Motivation behind the way they act (ooh this one's tricky, please be as in depth as possible!): Her mother always loved to see her dance and she knows she is watching down on her and she is her motivation.

Who in Panic would they be closest friends with? Ryan
Would they be attracted to anyone in Panic, if so who? Brendon or Ryan
Their idea of a fun night out: Either going out on the town and dancing all night or just renting movies and staying home.
The one word they use to describe themselves: Perfectionist
The one word that is a true description of them: Hardworking