Review for Auditions!!


(#) kaelamonsterdino 2011-11-26

Peformer or fan girl (mostly the peformer)
Snow Arangado
Big blue eyes
Black and purple
Long and layers everywhere
Hour glass figure
Edgy vintage 1930-50's wears vans and ballet flats a lot
Nose and ears peirced
"The IV and your hospital bed ..." on left side and " beYOUtiful" on her right wrist
She is very funny and creative shy at first then is a big ball of wildly out going
She wants to be the best person she can be while staying true to herself wants ro ne able to support her family
She loves P!ATD has boight all of their albums thinks they are purely magical
P!ATD is like family to her they get along great and have fun together.
Carlise(father) and Ellie (mother)
always for emprovement
She was always told she woild never make it in life being the oldest of the children all the pressure was on her to be a role modle for her younger siblings she took over a the mother figire when her mom past away from a heart attack when Snow was 17.putting more pressure on her.
As strictly friends def Jon
Crush: Brendon because they are so similar
Watching a movie with a group of friends or playing games jist haveing fun
i hope you pick me if you dont ill srill be looking forward to reading