Review for Love and Happy Meals

Love and Happy Meals

(#) aweirdtree 2011-11-26

heheheheheheeee..... 8D omgfuck, i usually try not to like something too cheesey or cute but ARGH, really, how can someone NOT like this??? (well, maybe someone who doesn't like MCR... or boylove... but you get my point xd)

anyway, i feel very sympathetic for Bob; i know exactly how he feels. two of my friends have had it going on forever, like, six fucking months (!!!) and they're still not together! god... hurry the fuck up already! xd (and yeah, i know that was extremely interesting...)

whatever, thanks for this story! made me smile like a lunatic i am (:

Author's response

awww, thank you so freaking much, that review really made me smile :D haha, yeah I know how Bob feels in this too...I had a similar situation going on with a couple of friends too :L
glad you enjoyed this and thank you so much for taking the time to review :D :D

CosmicZombie xo