Review for One Wizard Too Many

One Wizard Too Many

(#) Staros 2011-11-27

So far, I'm loving the tone. Anyone raised in "our" world versus some magical wonderland would definitely have a better undestanding of what it means to deliver pain. I always thought the whole TW tourney thing was a bit off. How would I handle several tons of rampaging lizard with sharp teeth and a carnivorous bent (ignoring the fire)? Lots of lead, C4, and/or other highly effective anti-bunker weapons. Why? cause I've seen Stallone mow down dozens of men with a big gun. Harry may not have seen a whole movie, but he would have seen enough to know guns rock. Let a dragon chase me through the air? Not bloody likely!

And hell yes! Hurt Mermione?! Prepare to die villain/cult/country/world/universe/god!