Review for A Crisis.

A Crisis.

(#) Fabnosity 2011-11-28

i dont know why but this is my fave lyric " from the razor to the rosary" dunno if you would get it on your ipod but hey just another option and people would probably ask what it means which is an excellent starter for a conversation about the wonderfulness of my chemical romance lmao xxxx

Author's response

Interesting, actullt debating between this one; "I know that I'm born and I know that I'll die but the inbetween is mine" - PerlJam
"Lose your dreams loose your mind, isn't this world unkind" - Rolling Stones.
"I'm an addict for dramatics I confuse the two for love" - Taking Back Sunday.

"He wears his heart safty pinned to his backpack" - The Used and a few others.