Review for Auditions!!


(#) TheLittleSinner 2011-11-28

Woah, this sounds great! I'll be reading this whether or not I get in. :)

Part: Circus Performer
Name: Linnea Hawethorne
Age: 18, feel free to change.
Sex: Female
height: 5'4
Weight: 135
Eye color: Stormy gray
Hair color: My hair color is always changing. Sometimes it's blue and purple, sometimes it's cherry red, right now though, I'm trying a solid black.
Hair style: My hair is like a longer, fuller verdin of Joan Jets, with more "scene" qualities
Body type: hour glass
Clothing Style: Lots of ripped skinny jeans, and old band tee shirts
Tattoos and piercings: I have the word "bullet proof" across my left knuckles, I have the symbol for alpha on my left wrist, and omega on my right. I also have the words "The night is darkest before the dawn" on my lower back.
As for piercings, I have a septum, and spider bites.

Basic Personality Traits: Loyal, untrusting (unless I consider you a close friend), and genuinely caring
Main Goal in Life: To find something/someone worth fighting for
View on Panic! As music: Although they're not my usual taste as far as genre goes, I love their music! I think they are very underrated, and write honest lyrics.
View on Panic! As people: They seem to be genuinely good, funny people. They have always seemed like they would be very interesting people, and easy to get along with. :)
View of Myself: Ridiculously low self confidence. I am constantly feeling like I don't belong, any where. Nothing and nobody has ever made me feel particularly special, so I'm still trying to figure out how I AM special. For the meantime though I feel incredibly useless. :/
Family History: I was never abused, but always forgotten. I lived with my parents before I joined the circus. Actually, my parents were the reason I ran away to join the circus. I was/am the black sheep in my family. All my cousins were rushing for Delta Cappa, helping out in Africa, or getting soccer scholarships to Ireland. I'm just the dark, music loving kid in the corner of all the family dinners. All the adults were professors, pastors, lawyers, etc. I really just didn't fit in, anywhere.
Motivation behind the way I act: The past eighteen years have convinced me I'm not special. That I'm useless. That I'll always be second best. and I'm currently doing everything I can to prove to myself that I'm not. (It's getting kinda difficult)

Who I would be closest to: Hmm... Ryan, I think.
Who I would be attracted to: Humadumdum... Brendon, because he seems very understanding.
Idea of a Fun Night Out: CONCERTS!! :D I really love music. I'm constantly dragging my closest friend out to see random shows down at the local club. She h its on guys, while I dance by myself in the middle of the dance floor. I actually don't particularly mind that I'm alone when I'm dancing. :)
One word to describe me: Strong
One true word: Breaking

Good luck writing!! Again, I'll be reading this whether or not I get in. :) Sounds great.