Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) CatscanFlyy 2011-11-29

You have to stop doubting you writing, it's so beautiful and poetic and I love how paced it is, I hate fics that go at a hundered miles an hour without you getting to know the characters, I know I said before but Mikey is the cutest thing ever and I feel like I'm putting myself on team Frikey because Gerard has been silly and hurt Mikey therfor doesn't deserve the sex god that is Frank Motherfucking Iero, I love how much you update it really made my day finding two new chapters, I am so glad I started reading this fic you are so talented and I'm totally hooked C: x

Author's response

Thank you very much for leaving such a lovely, complementary review - it really did make me smile!
I'm really glad that you like it and think that it isn't going too slow; I really don't want this to be boring so reading a review like yours really did help.
Yes, Gerard has been silly; who could hurt cute little Mikey?
I try to update daily and reading reviews like yours really do motivate me to write!
Thank you soooo much for taking the time to leave such a kind review! :)