Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) KobraBlaze 2011-11-30

What a cliffhanger!!! I can't wait for more. I actually always look forward to reading this story because they are the best I've ever seen! Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I had a crappy day too. Parent/Teacher meetings. Had some trouble with Irish. Anyway enough of my problems. This story is absolutely outstanding and I look forward to more! :)

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm glad that you liked it!
It's very uplifting that you look forward to reading this, even more uplifting and motivating that you said it!
Sorry to hear about your crappy day, I really do hope that things get better for you.
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review! :)