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Living the dream

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2011-12-05

thanks, guess that could be it.
not the car thing though. i didn't know about that rumor. not so much into the gossip:D
i also dreamt i murdered my family with my bro and my cousin, they come back from the dead and blame me.
or one time i had to bury my big bro even though he was alive. i didn't want to but , yinno like these rules in dreams, i /had to/.
and one time mcr tried to talk me out of jumping from a rooftop, but i thought they were chasing me, because i stole something from my family so i jumped...

the best one was gerard way as a zombie thoughxD

why the fuck did i just say all this, you're gonne thing i'm fucking mental-.- um yeah update soon and don't get weirded out by my rambings. it's just nice how other people sometimes can make sense of things that confuse you^^

Author's response

my favourite mcr dream is where they were all sat eating dinner at like a restuarant and then for some weird reason they invited me and my fam to join them all for dinner and it was lovely :3

and I never weirded out :)
and update possibly tonight if I can.......