Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2011-12-05

Erm... Coughs awkwardly. You could read my stories if you want...I think they're okay, but then, I write yeah... Anyway, excellent chapter as always! Gee finally learns about Frank! Fuck yeah! Not that what happened to him was cool but...I'll leave you alone forever now. JK, I'm too crazy to do that. And I'm currently only able to access Ficwad through my phone cuz of the virus. Makes writing difficult, very difficult. And reading. It's all very fucked up.

Author's response

Tell me about it. Ficwad being fucked up I mean. I'm gonna read some of your stories so expect feedback! And don't leave me alone forever!!! Noooo! Ok, I'mma go now. Thanks for reviewing.