Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) robyntalks 2011-12-10

Great story!!
loved the ending. thanks for all your hard work. (i was wondering what happened to chapman and to ginny. did dobby and winky ever have kids?)
thanks again. love always, robyn.

Author's response

Heya Robyn.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Carolyn will make an appearance in at least two other stories “A Boy Named Harry, and ‘A Thousand Years. In an aside, Carolyn is based on my attorney Carolyn Chapman (Now retired), who fought the state of Califpornya after my wife died. They wanted to take my baby simply because I was male. It took three years, but she never gave up. That was sixteen years ago. As for Dobby and Winky; they are as well suited to each other as Harry and Hermione. Both were very much a part of Harry’s life, and they helped to establish the academy. I can’t imagine them not having a few little elves.