Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) tortillachip 2011-12-10

As I said before, this is beautiful. When you hear such a beautiful, nice kid say something as ugly as saying that he wished he could have died is so disheartening. If Frank had any hope left in the world it has surely disappered into thin air. Mikey is so undeserving of the beatings and insults that make their way to him every day, and to see him like he is because of those beatings, crying and bleeding and wishing he was dead, kills Frank on the inside. It makes Frank want to be there for him. Be the person that he could talk to about it because it's very clear that Mikey has had enough. Before, Mikey was afraid to even make one little sound around Frank, yet here he is screaming about being bullied and how stupid he is. That was very clear, vivid imagery. I also really liked how Frank was like "No. I can’t think like that. Not now. I’m ashamed for even letting it cross my mind; I can’t believe that I could even consider being so selfish. Because it would be because I don’t love him. I just think that he’s cute. I don’t love him, not like I love Gerard." If he has to reassure himself that he loves Gerard in that romance movie with the happy ending way, therefore Gerard, not Mikey, is the only person that Frank should be thinking about when it comes to velvety lips, it shows that Frank is most definitely confused about what he feels for Mikey. He loves Gerard, without a doubt, but what is it that he really feels for Mikey? Anyway, I also really like how Mikey can't promise Frank that he'll believe he's worth something and is not a freak. I thought that that part was amazing. It revealed to Frank exactly what Mikey feels about himself and why he feels that way. It shows how much he's been affected by the people who hurt him. It also makes him wonder how it got to that point. How did it get so far that he wants to die? It's very sad. I also really like the ending. I was a bit surprised as well when Mikey said Gerard used to beat him. I kinda thought that that would be Mikey's secret, only for himself. I liked that he told, though. It was very, very clever to make him do that. I hope Mikey tells Frank that Gerard doesn't know that he used to hurt Mikey. It's true that Frank's love for Gerard is pure, but he can't help but feel disgusted that he did that. Terrific job, as always.

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm glad that you liked it!
Your interpretation is spot on; Mikey has head enough and Frank is quiet confused.
Thank you ver much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review; you've made me smile! :)