Review for Auditions for my first MCR fic

Auditions for my first MCR fic

(#) killjoys 2011-12-11

Hi, i would love to be in a story.. I am general too late for audtions but for once looks like i am getting in there first :) lol
Name- Mary
I dont really have a nickname.. so anything.
Age- Erm lets go with 16 shall we.
Back ground- Bright but outcast,brought up by granparents, as parents not around.
Personality- bubble and out going around those who I know, shy around people who i just met, can be crazy and the fool but a good listener and sensible when neededd.. but at the same time, keeps alot of true emotion hidden doesnt let people in easily.
Who do i want to be with??? Well it will have to be Gerard.. :)
Sexual orientation- Straight
Birthday- novemeber any day will do, I just like winter time.
Hair colour, a reddy brown
Hair style, just below shoulder length, with a full fringe and heavlier layered.
Eye colour- blue
Tattoos- a fairy on my right wrist.
piercing, top of my right ear.
hieght about 5'4.
Love to be friends with the band of course, maybe have a bit of an issue with Frank that would be funny.. especailly if gee like Frank best friend within the story.
Likes- white chocolate, coffee and lots of coffee, bright pink but not barbie or baby pink
dislikes, fake people and girlie girls.
favourite food, sasuage and mash or pizza or mexican :)
habits, likes to sing and dance but cant actually do either.

anything else.. erm lets see, I am amazing to get along with.. but prefer boys as friends.. so much easier than girls :)

Mary x