Review for Auditions for my first MCR fic

Auditions for my first MCR fic

(#) velocity_storm 2011-12-12

Nickname-dont really have a nickname
Age- 15
Background-im english, im a misfit and i have not many friends as people label me as an emo. im a twin, but we are completely differant, i listen to rock, she listens to pop and she is a girly girl. Don't know my dad. live with mom and step dad.
Personality-shy at first but then loud and crazy around close friends. i'm good at advice.
Who you want to be with- Mikey
Sexual Orientation- straight
Birthday- Febuary 14th
Hair color- light blonde with pink streaks.
Hair style- straight, reaches the middle of my back, side fringe, layerd.
Eye color- Green
Tattoos/Piercings- snakebites, ears peirced at the bottom. A tattoo on the back of my neck that says "seize the day" on it.
Scars, freckles, etc.- unfortuantly scars on my wrists. And one an the small of my back. freckles.
Skin tone- Quite pale.
Who would you be friends with-the band of course.
Who would you be enemies with?- the popular girls.
Likes-coffee, Green Day, MCR of course, All Time Low, BMTH, bands in general.
Dislikes-fake girls who look orange. the colour pink. being compared to my twin. hate people getting hurt.
Favourite/least favourite food-i'm a vegetarian, and i am a sucker for pizza.
Habits- i shake when i get really nervous, i always hide behind my hair.
Anything else- i'm the kind of person that swears quite alot. i would love anyone who bought me concert tickets.

i hope i fit the description :)

abbie xo