Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) tortillachip 2011-12-12

"It's amazing. I know I say this every time, but I'm gonna keep on saying it until you believe it. Or until you forget to write something like that." I lied when i said that. I'm not going to stop saying it at all. I was speaking the truth when I said it was amazing, though. This chapter, this story, your writing. All amazing, and I'm not going to stop saying that. Anyway, I really like the fact that this chapter is in Gerard's point of view. I haven't heard from him in a while, so it was good to see what's going on with him. It was also a good idea because Gerard had no clue what happened at school or when he left school. He was in a good mood, he was going to be Mikeys brother again and he was so determined to do a good job at it that he even got off of work early. Of course he thought about all the problems that Mikey has and how he is partly to blame for them not being as close anymore and how his need to be the perfect parent has hurt Mikey more than it helped and how it took Frank, a stranger to Mikey and a stranger to Mikey and Gerard's relationship, to figure out that Mikey needs his brother back, but all of that was outweighed by how happy he was to try to be what he knew Mikey needed this time, not what he wanted him to need or thought he needed. Then he gets the call. The totally surprising call that made my eyes bulge when I read it and probably made Gerard's eyes bulge when he heard it. Gerard was so convinced that Mikey was going to do okay. He really had no reason to think otherwise. Mikey was opening up a little, so why wouldn't he come home to tell Gerard about his day. Sure, he kinda knew that Mikey would get hurt that day, but he thought he could help Mikey through it and that they'd become closer. If only he knew the type of hurt he has inside him now. It's worse than getting beaten up at school and Gerard can't do much about what happened before. And how can Fate do that? Gerard had made plans to get their realtionship back on track and fate comes and ruins it. More important than that though is the fact that Mikey is hurt enough as it is. He doesnt deserve any of the bad things that come his way and he derinitely doesn't need anymore hurt on top of what has happened to him already. Nothing should be able to hurt his brother yet Fate just allows for bad things to happen to him left and right. Perfect title reference. Fate really can be cruel. Anyway, I nearly died when I read the part about the call. The only reason why I'm not dead yet is because I wanna know what happens next. Seriously, I'm like gnawing on my nails in wonder. Great job, as always.

Author's response

Thank you sooo much, that first part of your review put a smile on my face and an uplifting warmness in soul; I'm very glad and touched that you think that about what I write!
I was gonna do this chapter in Frank's POV, but then, like you, I thought that Gerard hasn't cropped in a while and this was the result of that. I also partly did it in his POV because, as you said, he doesn't know what went on at school/at Frank's and I wanted to use that a best as I could (whether I did or not is another matter entirely).
Thank you ever so very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely, detailed review! :)