Review for You & I in Unison

You & I in Unison

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2011-12-13

My fingers are gooey fom a peanut butter filled breakfast.... NOW GIMME MY UNICORN! P.s. I want the cookie too XD
On a slightly less insane note, WOOOT WOOOT!!! Awesomeness is in the air... Or interweb. Carry on! I love this so freaking much I can't wait for you to update again! And I don't think it was shittily written. I personally only have one draft of my chapters before I post them so yeah... Cool beans.
(reverts to penguin mode) Update! update! Update!!

Author's response

Oh my God, you are like asfgfjdgfkshf just amazing okay? I have sent out so many unicorns and cookies to you but yeah, you deserve some more because you are just agsdgfdf. Aw man, you really are lovely. Thank you so much!:')