Review for You & I in Unison

You & I in Unison

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2011-12-13

I just reread it... And In your authors note, we're you looking for the word cliffhanger?(yes, I've reread this story. Twice) my unicorn is doing lovely, by the way. Getting along with all my other unicorns just fine. And yes. I am slightly awesome. I write shit if you want to get closed to my awesome. *coughs... That awkward moment when you try to self advertise... Meh. Moment over. You should know I've decided to stalk you. Okay, stalking done. (my middle name is not evil, it's Elizabeth. I sure got cheated on that one)

Author's response

You've reread my story? Oh lord, you are the greatest! How many unicorns is that now? Hmm.. I might just read one of your stories (or maybe all) when I get the chance okay? Not trying to single you out or anything but your reviews make me day, you are so awesome okay? You deserve an award, not just unicorns and cookies and AWARD okay? Yas, so now I have my own stalker, FUCKYEAH! As long as it's you because you're kind and all that. Aw man, you are just great. You better have read this because if you don't I will look like one twat okay? You're meant to be a stalker, do your job!:( Thanks for the review! GOD I BABBLE SO MUCH UGH. That will be all.