Review for Prisoner of Hogwarts

Prisoner of Hogwarts

(#) DnG 2011-12-14

Just thought I'd spur you along to another chapter. Just read what you have written so far in its entirety and must say that it is very intriguing. Has definite potential for a very powerful harem story, with Tonks and Hermione as the leads of course. Parvati and Padme are a definite shoe in as well. As for little Gin Gin, well, stalkers are nothing but bad news. I am definitely interested in what Harry will learn in discussion with the portrait, or the hidden chamber behind it. Is it going to be Godric, or Merlin?
Don't leave Harry ignorant for too long, he's not the type to be manipulated, as far as this story is concerned. Hopefully Malfoy, Weasley and Umbitch will be reined in real quick, can't stand any one of them, and as for Dumbledolt, the sooner Harry learns about what he has done to Harry, the sooner that Harry can cover his back and make his own plans.
You've shown how observant Harry is, and sees how things can be improved in one prison, what's the difference here?