Review for Help Wanted... Again

Help Wanted... Again

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-12-18

Name: Apollonia Corleone (Likes the nicknames: Apple, Don Corleone, Mafia Queen and The Godfather. Hates the nicknames: Ap, Appy)

Age: 21 (can change)

Part: I would like partner in crime but I don't mind

Appearance: -split for detail-

Hair colour and style: Black, likes -> except without the tiara

Eye colour: Sapphire blue

Height and weight: 5'9 (5'11 in heels), weighs 90lbs

Piercings: Nose ring on right nostril, lip ring, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing, 9 piercings in one ear, 3 in the other, tongue stud,

Tattoos: "Emosexual and proud!" on inside of left wrist, "Badass" on inside of right wrist, "Revenge!" across knuckles, "Bookworm" like Frank's, giant black angel wings covering back with "We are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, "Don't hold me up now! I can stand my own ground! I don't need your help now! You will let me down! Down! Down!" at base of back to tailbone, a sleeve on right arm like this ->, "My legs are dangling off the edge. The bottom of the bottle is my only friend. I think I'll slit my wrists again, and i'm gone, gone, gone" on left thigh, a pistol tucked into a garter on right thigh, "La Mia Famiglia" over heart (it means "My Family in Sicilian), a scorpion on neck,

Makeup: Chalk white foundation, tons of black eyeliner, tons of black mascara, dark red lipstick

Skin tone: Very pale

Clothes: Black godfather vest top, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black and silver studded belt, has at least 17 loaded pistols on her at all times, hides about 10 knives in each boot, has numerous other weapons on show on her somewhere, black fingerless gloves, black necklace with 2 crucifixes and a skull, usually has a lit cigarette in hand

Ethnicity: Sicilian/American

Personality: Rebel and a badass, hates being told what to do, family is in the Italian mafia so has grown up with violence and drugs,started smoking at the age of 7, does several drugs herself, Don of the mafia, likes to tell stories of how she's killed people with a lot of detail, extremely intelligent, likes to use big words to confuse people, swears like a drunk sailor i.e: a lot, smokes like Al Pacino did in Scarface (basically a fucking lot), but a good friend, very trustworthy, over protective, paranoid, hates being over heard, has an obsession with the Godfather, she's a lesbian and not afraid to admit it, flirts with girls a lot, gets drunk a lot, she's fluent in both English and Sicilian but prefers to speak in Sicilian since it's her first language

Likes: Guns, violence, mafia, drugs, cigarettes (Marlboro reds), coffee, horror films, gangster films, mafia films, any film with gore in it, sci-fi, star wars, history, reading, writing, has an obsession with the Godfather

Dislikes: SPIDERS!!!!! (Doesn't like to admit it but has a phobia of them), justin bieber (if my character gets in can she shoot the little bastard in the head?), war, racism, fascism, sexism, homophobes, not getting her way, people who squeal and faint at the sight of blood, christmas

Suggestions: Um...maybe my character gives the main character drugs then they go put get wasted as well as high as fucking kites then get into some really bad shit with the police. You don't have to use it but it's an idea

Anything else?: She has a knife scar across her forehead near her right eye, has a birthmark shaped like a musical note behind her left ear

Good luck
Can't wait
Hope I get picked
Sorry if it's long I do tend to go on
If you need to know anymore information just tell me

Rosie :)