Review for How I met Frank Iero. (True story)

How I met Frank Iero. (True story)

(#) DisenchantedEnding 2011-12-18

This is such a beautiful story.

I just wish -with an incredible amount of envy- that I had stayed that day. You say you saw them in Cardiff of this year?! I saw them then, too! But I had to leave because I had an asthma attack. :(

I couldn't get to first aid so I just sat in the bathroom and panted. It was horrible.

But this was so beautifully described and so heartfelt. I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you deserve it. Good on you.

The dialogue is just amazing, to. Is it word-for-word?

PS. I love your name. :3

Author's response

I'm so glad you liked it!

And I'm so sorry about that; asthma ruins a lot of people's lives. Luckily mine isn't that serious, but your's sounds horrible. I'm sorry, and I hope you do get the chance to meet them.. or him.

It is word-for-word, yes! Written exactly as it was said. :)
And thank you.. it was certainly amazing.

Haha, my name is actually Eliza but I don't like it, so I go by my middle name 'Storm'. :)