Review for Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-12-18

ARRGH, WHY IS THIS SO AWESOME?! you're a really great writer, and Gerard and Frank's relationship is so sweet and touching. Really glad Frank's okay, but ohmygod another cliffhanger?! really need to read more about what's going on with Gerard and Mikey's parents!! like, now xD Hope they're both okay D;
But...yeah. This story is seriously made of awesome. and I might actually start getting withdrawal symptoms if you don't update soon.
Anyway, I'll shut up now, sorry :L
Off to rate this chapter :D

CosmicZombie xo

p.s You can't rate a whole chaptered story, for some reason...Ficwad's stupid like that :/

Author's response

Aww, thanks :) I hope the next chapter won't make you too sad, then...I promise I'll update soon, in like 2 or 3 days. And why can't you? Is it just the first chapter's rating that shows up when you look at a story? I'm just bitter because mine's not green, I'm super childish xD why FuckWad, why? I'll email you soon, I've been meaning to but super tired. xoxo