Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) SyraStrange 2011-12-20

Gerard, you asshole. Oh god; the two of them fucked up so bad. I seriously have no idea how in Hell this is going to go back uphill.... I can't wait to see how you pull it off. Update soon! :D

Author's response

They deffinitely fucked up big time in this case. I really do feel sorry for Mikey and what I've put him through in this story. I feel kinda evil.
In all honesty, the plan went out if the window a fair few chapters back (around the time Gerard got the hospital call, it was originally going to be Gerard who ended up in hospital, but for different reasons) so I'm writing this sort of as it comes; I have no idea what's gonna happen next, other than a vague outline in the back of my mind so, in all honesty, I'm not entirely sure how this is gonna go back uphill. Which is why I enjoy writing so much; it kinda feels like an adventure of sorts. :D
I'll try to update to tomorrow.
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)