Review for Help Wanted... Again

Help Wanted... Again

(#) MemoryWolf 2011-12-20

Name:Wynter Oh

Age: 17 (changeable)

Looks: Long straight black hair- like that, but in black. Black eyes, pale skin, 5'6 , skinny.

Outfit: usually wears a black tight tank-top and black skinny jeans with a cloak sort of thing, converse buckle boots, black arm-warmers.

Part: Partner in crime, or anything else is fine. you decide :D

Likes: Chocolate, blood (the flowing kind, not the dried up ones)

Dilikes: Spiders, talkative people

Suggestions:i'm not sure what this means :O explain?

Anything else?: Keeps daggers strapped around her legs covered by the cloak, always carries around a katana with a black hilt and silver blade and a neon green guard, prefers daggers and swords over guns.

yeah, that's pretty much it, you can change anything you want :D