Review for The Legends & the Stooges of Fate

The Legends & the Stooges of Fate

(#) brad 2006-10-19

Fun story! It was great to see the notification of this new one-shot in my IN box so soon after the conclusion to Harry's Second Chance.

So, have I got this right ... Dumbledore had gone dark - way back when Harry first defeated Voldemort, since he stuck him with the Dursleys to suffer abuse - and, with Snape as his sole cohort, planned to ultimately gain power for himself?

If so, why did it take so long for Fawkes to work out that he'd gone bad? Dumbledore had successfully hidden the truth from a bonded phoenix?

Did I get this right - Harry was so super-powerful because he was BORN right at the start with Tom's power, and then said power increased as he grew older, as would any youth's magical ability?

If so, I can't help but think you/Harry could have explained it a bit more clearly. If not, I wish you had explained it even more clearly! :-)

I was quite shocked when Harry suddenly off'ed Dumbledore - as you no doubt intended - and thought it was very cute/clever for Harry to hide the ashes where they should have been all along. The perfect crime, killing someone who was already dead!

The sub-plot with Hannah was a good touch and helped flesh out the story a lot, making it more than just a 'super!Harry gets his vengeance' story. I thought the bit with Harry allowing her to kill him was a bit melodramatic, but as he said, it was a moment of weakness.

So sad about Hermione! I'm going to hope she meets the Harry from 'Survivors', he of the miraculous white healing magic, so she and both Harry's - oh, and the Ginny from that other story then - can live happily ever after. :-)

Thanks for the story!

Author's response

The Plan was Dark, but only when Dumbledore faked his death was he himself too dark for Fawkes to put up with it.